PDX PROVEN RELIABILITY (Product Quality Underwater Test)

245 Days / 35 weeks / 8 Months – and still going strong

To prove our product quality- we put our weighing sensors through some extreme measures. We began the long-term survival experiment on the POWERCELL PDX system on September 28, 2015. We submerged them in water for a 245 days operating continuously under water. 245 DAYS LATER…. , since the start of the test, it has operated continuously, fully powered, without communications errors.

This is a powerful visual image demonstrating the reliability of our PDX system in real-world conditions.

Overview of the test system:
• 4 – 50 ton PDX load cells powered by an IND560Terminal
• Standard PDX cables and connectors, no special sealing
• Calibrated to 50,000 kg X 0.5 kg
• No maintenance on the system, connectors and rubber boots have not been removed since the beginning of the experiment
• We have intermittently added chlorine bleach to the water to reduce algae growth